Quarterly Update

When I worked at GS, we had a prolonged and demanding project that involved overhauling our entire client reporting package, process and technology. It was called QL automation and it was the bane of my existence, especially in my last year with the firm. QL stood for Quarterly Letter and 5.5 years in finance and only one year and six weeks out of it and my brain still occasionally sees a calendar in quarters. The funny part is, while part of my brain is somewhat still conditioned, my life feels way more removed from my finance life than the year + time frame might indicate. For one thing, I left my second job in less than one year (a running joke with my friends and fam) and returned to school as a full-time student with zero income and way more time than I’ve had in quite a while. And for another, I moved out a pretty stellar apartment in the middle of Manhattan and back to my parents house in the ‘burbs of Long Island.

Here’s what’s been going on over the last three months or so:

I moved home: I love NYC, but after 1-2 years of living there, I always start itching to get out – to slow down a bit, enjoy more space and less people. My lease was up at the end of October and while I loved, loved my apartment (and of course, my roomie), it didn’t make sense financially for me to be paying rent while going to school full-time…and my heart was tugging a bit for a break from the crazy. Lucky for me, I have hands down the best parents in the world and they not only welcomed me home, but were super involved in the actual moving process, cleared out my old room and still currently have half their garage taken over by my stuff. I’m forever grateful for everything they do for us and this is just another example of how wonderful, selfless and supportive they’ve always been. So now I’m back in the room I grew up in, with my older sister, her husband and their new baby living in the room next door (also the one she grew up in). It’s weird, random, hysterical and pretty fun overall to all be back in the same house, especially with a five week old added into the mix. Which brings me too…

My sister had her first baby: Ryan Jason came into this world on January 17 (my half birthday!) and is the cutest damn baby ever. Maybe I’m biased, but he’s seriously beautiful and I’ve got so much love in my heart for him that it sometimes hurts to look at or think about the little man. What’s even better? I live with him . I spend more time than I’d care to admit just looking at him and get to snuggle him up whenever I want. I’m learning a ton watching and helping Court and Jay out (while also feeding/taking care of the new mama) and enjoying every minute of being a live-in Auntie. I’m currently teaching him the fun  of making silly  faces. Stay tuned for baby Ryguy updates :)

I headed up to the mountains: One of the things I’ve missed most about living in SLC was such easy access to incredible mountains (literally, in your backyard). And while they aren’t the Wasatch, Vermont has some pretty beautiful mountains and really cute towns. I spent one weekend in Stratton with my brother and his girlfriend, two of my favorite people to snowboard with. The trip was long, the crowds were out of control and the weather was cold (I was spoiled in UT) but it was nice to be away for the weekend and we’re headed back next month for this event: 24 Hours of Stratton. Pumped!
Before I moved to Utah, I used to plan a yearly ski trip to a really cute hotel at the base of Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid. It was super cheap and awesome and we always had a group of 20-30 people – a random mix of hs and college friends, family members and friends of friends. They’re my favorite trips and we finally got a group together again this February but instead of upstate NY, we rented a house in Killington for a 3 day weekend full skiing/boarding, hot tubbing, cooking, listening to live music and olympics watching with  family, long time college friends and new(ish) former Greatist buds. Take me back?

I settled into LI life: While I miss this city and so many different aspects of it, the best part of being back on LI has been spending more time with my family and my high school friends. It was perfect timing that I moved back right before the holidays, making things so much easier and eliminating stressful Penn Station travel. It’s also been fun to run my old neighborhood 4 and 2 mile routes, meet up with everyone at our local bars, head to the beach whenever I want to see the ocean and have weekly dinner dates with the girls where we cook, drink wine and catch up.

I signed up for endurance events: In the last few months, I signed up for the 24 Hours of Stratton event, the AC half marathon in April and the NYC marathon in November. I’m also trying to fit in my first triathlon somewhere/sometime. Time to start training!

I volunteer coached: The timing of my move home also coincided with the start of high school basketball season and I ended up getting in touch with the new Varsity girls basketball coach at my old high school. I spent as many days as I could helping out at practice and games and fell in love with the sport and working with kids all over again. More on this to come.

My health cooperated: A few friends asked me how I’ve been feeling lately and I have to say overall in the past couple of months, the answer is pretty positive. I’m eating out less (part of being out of the city), more physically active, less stressed and I sleep a whole lot more. Never, never underestimate the power of sleep.

I watched more TV: A combination of crazy winter weather (hibernation mode) and living with other people and I’ve watched more TV in the last few months than I have in the past few years (or maybe ever?). As a family, we watched the entire first three seasons of Homeland and we just started up on American Idol. And like every two years, I’m pretty solidly glued to a TV or watching videos/reading stories online in a sort of obsessive manner that only comes out when the Olympics are happening. I’m totally okay with it but for the sake of my productivity, I’m glad they’re almost over this weekend.

I applied for graduation: I started my last semester of my Masters program and applied to graduate in May! I’m taking two classes at Columbia – Non-Traditional Therapies (offered through the psychology department) and Exercise and Health (offered through the movement sciences program) – as well as an online class – Program Planning (my last core requirement). I’m starting on Wednesday working on a few projects with the Center for Student Wellness to fulfill my health practicum rec and also as an opportunity to learn a ton from some really smart, experienced people. And this past week I started a part-time gig with a wellness center on Long Island for girls age 8-18 called Oh My Girls where I’m excited to learn more about health and wellness specifically for young/adolescent girls.

My goals for this next “quarter”:
1) blog more (so I don’t have these massively long posts!)
2) figure out a full-time job for post graduation
3) get back on track with eating better & working out consistently – I fell off the wagon these last 2 weeks or so and have definitely been feeling the effects with stomach issues and poor sleep. Time to refocus on both diet and exercise
4) enjoy and take advantage of Spring & warmer weather on LI

6 thoughts on “Quarterly Update

    • haha, well whatever i decide on, there will always be a spot for my Hodge. Remember when we said it was going to be a resort in Fiji and we made up a reason to have a nurse on staff ;) you’re awesome and i love you more :)

  1. Loved hearing about your life! Glad you’re healthy and happy and have so many cool projects going on. Re: your sister + husband + baby + you in your parent’s house again = a GREAT idea for a sitcom. If this master’s degree thing doesn’t work out, I say you head to Hollywood :)

    • Soph! I got so excited when I saw your name pop up…and then totally laughed at your comment. It is pretty funny, wanna write the sitcom for us? ;) I miss you and would love to hear what’s going on in your world. Let’s try to catch up soon!

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