24 Hour Gluten-Filled (!) Menu

Today is November 15th which means we’re half way through November – how the hell did that happen?? Also, it’s the date that marks my five year anniversary of the day I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

Last year, Christine and I hosted a Celiac Awareness Party at our apartment for my 4 year anniversary where guests were only allowed to bring completely gluten-free food and drinks. They were also all asked to each bring a single dude to the party, but everyone ignored that request (bummer, right?). It was one of the first parties ever where I could eat and drink every single thing and not have to worry about someone dipping their gluten-filled goodies into my guacamole. I love you guys, but please stay away from my guac (o’clock).

I also asked everyone to learn one fact about Celiac and had them write it on a poster board we had hung up on the wall. Seems kind of silly and/or cheesy but it made friends and fam find out the obscure (and not that obscure) facts about the disease that no one really knows about. Like that there’s gluten in some envelope glue so I can’t even lick an envelope closed (file that under things I don’t miss). A few people people even came in saying “I didn’t know [insert fact they learned], this is crazy”.

And that’s the funny part about Celiac. It’s known for just being about not eating gluten but most people don’t realize the implications of the disease and the wide variety of symptoms it causes for different people. I wrote about my own story and the positive things I’ve learned from managing the disease over the past few years (here). I also wrote about all the negatives and what drives me crazy about it (here).

I think the most interesting thing about that last post is that I don’t ever mention the foods that I miss eating that have gluten in them. For the most part, you can now find good enough gluten-free substitutes for any of these (or you begin to forget how the gluten filled versions actually tasted). And for those GF subs that just don’t cut it? Well, we have the “If I Were On My Deathbed and Could Eat All of the Gluten I Wanted” list! I should probably change the name of that list and it sounds super depressing but it’s actually pretty fun to fantasize about what I would want to include.

It’s been a mental list for now and to be honest, I probably have forgotten half of the things that at some point I claimed, “put that on my deathbed list!”, but today I’ve been thinking about it and want to document it somewhere. Instead of it being my deathbed list, now it’s going to be my “if I had 24 hours to eat gluten with absolutely no symptoms or damage to my body, here’s exactly what I would eat”  list. And while we’re dreaming, for that day, calories don’t count, I have a bottomless pit of a stomach, and I’m totally wearing expandable clothes ;)

Breakfast: Coffee w/ Baileys + Frosted mini-wheats with whole milk + a toasted multi-grain bagel with walnut raisin cream cheese (specifically from Broadway Gourmet Deli on LI). Breakfast of champs.
Snack: Peanut butter twix (only b/c I never got to try one) + a soft pretzel (preferably from NYC)
Lunch: Pumpernickel bagel with honey maple turkey, lettuce & tomato + honey wheat pretzel twists & goldfish
Snack: Belgian Waffle (from a waffle shack on a mountain while snowboarding, obvi)
Dinner: Greek gyro & cannolis (with chocolate in them or chocolate covered…or both!)
Dessert: Homemade funfetti cake. (drooling)
*I’d also continuously drink every delicious sounding craft beer that has come out in the last five years :)

Okay so reading it over,  it’s probably not the most exciting list but a lot of it is nostalgic (goldfish, pretzels, bagels, funfetti cake were staples growing up) anddd I really miss good beer. But what else should I include? What gluten filled food have you eaten that is so insanely good that I must put it on this list??

5 thoughts on “24 Hour Gluten-Filled (!) Menu

  1. Peanut butter twix are not worth it on the 24 hour list! (coming from someone who LOVES twix AND peanut butter) what about a real s’more? or another delicious candy you miss.
    Also, I think you can fit in another breakfast in the 24 hour period :) pancakes? french toast?
    Love you <3

  2. burritos, anything christine bakes, PIZZA, cinnamon toast crunch, real graham crackers (sorry should i stop?), bread sticks from olive garden, texas toast (im really full right now), and envelopes.

    • I am absolutely having one of those “I MISS YOU GLUTEN” nights. I don’t even know you, but I’m so glad I found this. I thought I was nuts making a bucket list of gluten filled foods! Like you, mine is mostly nostalgic; man do I miss goldfishies!! *sigh*
      I googled Gluten, Bucket List, and I landed here. Thank you insomnia, thank you google, thank you Meg. So glad I’m not alone.

      • I’m so glad you found it as well (thanks, Google)! You’re definitely not alone :) There’s tons of us that feel the same exact way. And seriously, when will they make some GF goldfish! ;) Hope you’re on up!

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